Fusing storytelling and therapy one step at a time (quite literally!) Jessica “Akara” Campbell is a professional journalist and dance therapy facilitator using music & movement in combination with her interviewing & communication skill-sets to help her clientele uncover their purpose, place, and voice. From Africa, Costa Rica, India and Canada, she hosts international seminars… (and it’s only just the start!). You can follow more of her journey at Haume.ca


22 thoughts on “Home

  1. hi Jess, it is so nice to hear from you. I miss you lots, I am sooooooo proud of you and at the same time I am jealous (in a nice way) after reading your itinerary for the next few months. I just want to wish you all the best in your endeavors and I have a pair of Blue Jays tickets for the final game of the year, and hopefully you’re back home and will accompany me to that game. Take care and please email me if you get the opportunity.
    love you very much
    uncle Alex,

  2. Very exciting Jess. Sounds like your career has started off with a bang. Congratulations! All the best. Stay safe.

  3. Congratulations Jessica! I’m excited to be part of this journey with you, your friends and family! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you. xx

  4. Awesome article Jess. You are so right. During my travels to under developed countries, people are happier. We ” white, rich ” folks spend too much time “getting more stuff and trying to take care of it.” Not the best use of our time and talents. You are an amazing woman ! I am blessed by knowing you. Keeping you in my prayers- for safety in your travels, coping with ” African time”, and not missing your mom too much. Sending love and hugs your way. Ellen

  5. I thought of you today as I sat in borrowed gowns on the stage looking out over the graduating students at Carleton University. I felt proud to have played a small role in their education. I am very proud to have played a small role in yours. You have the gift of looking deeper and seeing more. And I love the way that you turn those roads inward to explore your own thoughts and being. You are a traveler. Not a tourist.
    I would love you to give your stories a name and a face. Introduce me to the people you meet.
    And do me a little favour. Take a little red earth and crumble it between your fingers. It will always be your welcome mat when you fly back in to Africa.
    And you know you will. Africa is a lifelong commitment.

  6. It looks to me that this site doesnt load in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same problem? I like this blog and dont want to have to miss it when Im away from my computer.

  7. Jessica, you are really a wonderful lady in you are career please could you plan a trip in the great lakes countries? I will be proud if you realize that in the same activity of farm radio.
    Please contact la radio communautaire de Kamanyola pour plud d’info!

  8. Jessica,
    It was so great to meet you at the Eagles Eye restaurant. You made our visit there so delightful. I have just started reading your blog and look forward to hearing about all your new experiences in Malawi. Thanks again for coming into our lives. Your friends from Syracuse, NY
    Jeff and Kathy

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